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Louis Vuitton Passport Cover Unboxing & Review

The essential accessory for the modern traveler, this passport cover in coated canvas combines style with practicality. It boasts four credit card slots and two flying pockets for easier access to your passport.

Monogram Eclipse

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The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet & The Bellroy Apex Passport Cover

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Buy the Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet from:
Rushfaster (Australia):
Bellroy (Worldwide):

Buy the Apex Passport Cover from:
Rushfaster (Australia):
Bellroy (Worldwide):

The Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet and the Apex Passport cover are two classic wallets from Bellroy that have been redesigned and redrafted with new heat bonding technology and seamless construction for a more minimalist and slimmer fit.

Also in this video:
Casio G-Shock Watch:
abhijith rajesh : Blur your cards
JBrezicPhotography : The big issue with Bellroy wallets is they are high quality and last too long. I have one and it will last me years so i can't buy this sleeve
Cho Vue : I love bellroy pull tabs! After 4 years my pull tab still functions great on my note sleeve.
linachieng : Finally! Some review on the new Bellroy Apex! Been waiting for this
Eng Hong Law : Do you have a discount code ?

LOUIS VUITTON PASSPORT HOLDER | Review, Comparison & Wear & Tear!

Hello Lux Family

Today we finally get to review the Louis Vuitton Passport Holder!

I have both the Monogram \u0026 Monogram Eclipse, i really do love these two items they are very simple yet elegant and to simple put it easy on the eye!

Make sure you watch the full video because i will give you a walk through of how many card slots fit inside, how the passport fits and what else you can use this amazing passport holder/cover for! I also show the wear and tear on this passport holder!

Please do let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below and hit that subscribe button too!

I will put the links of both of these passport holders that Louis Vuitton make below.

Monogram :

Monogram Eclipse:

I hope you really enjoyed this review \u0026 comparison i have done, i have many other men's luxury items on my channel so take a moment to have a look through my videos!

I love to do men's hauls too and plenty of other stuff!


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Song Name - Purple Wrath - Anxiety
Camera: Canon 70D
Editing: ShotCut
Angel Quezada : This heat !! I can agree it’s hotter then a mutha lol I got mine customized and I love it . It’s one of those items I know I’ll be keeping forever that passport has to be poopin lol nice review ! Stay cool and hydrated
Panda panda : I have a Gucci one but now I want a LV
Greggory1987 : Great review! I am an LV collector and considered purchasing the LV passport holder but decided to to with the Gucci passport holder instead. I may still consider the LV passport holder in the future as well.
Cat x : Do you have an OnlyFans?
StyledByGwenny : Great comparison babe! You know I love Monogram Eclipse, but I've always wanted the Mon Monogram customised with stripes and initials, but something's always stopped me going for it. Probably because I wouldn't get to use it that often and I do look out for that cost per wear! Ignore the trolls babe, they're not brave enough to do what you do, so screw them!




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